A Delicious Surprise: Villa Nobile Olive Oil

Before we purchased Villa Nobile in July of 2014 we were told that the 300+ olive trees that we had were in terrible shape and had been left dormant since 2008.  They weren’t sure they were going to be able to salvage them.  Our concierge, Eileen and her partner Marci, knew of a guy (Marci always knows a guy) that could potentially help us.  He came to the property and we went through the grove together.  He didn’t have high hopes, but thought that maybe in 2 to 3 years we would be able to get some sort of crop. 

After much loving care and hard work we have produced our first batch of Villa Nobile Olive Oil!  The crop this year had been doing well, but in the late summer, the trees were attacked by a specific type of fly that destroys the olives.  We weren’t sure what our situation would be.  Andrea (the olive guy) thought it was worth a try.  So Marci and his grandson Dylan and daughter Jamila came this past week and picked.  Picking olives is not an easy task and is back breaking and exhausting.  This morning (Friday, November 4th) the olives were pressed in Montepulciano and we are the proud owners of 54 liters of fresh Italian Olive Oil! 

Get ready to grab a slice of bread and have a dip of Villa Nobile Olive Oil.  Yum!