Sacred Italian Cheese

Montepulciano, which is where Villa Nobile is located, is very near the town of Pienza. Pienza is known for its cheese - Pecorino. Almost anywhere you eat you will find a selection of pecorino on the menu. It is very delicious and comes in a variety of ways. This article in the New York Times offers a delicious overview. 

The funny thing about the photo in the New York Times' article is that it shows the town of Montepulciano and not Pienza, and there is no mention of Montepulciano. The church you see in the picture is San Biagio. It is a short walk from the villa and is an iconic building in almost any photo of our town. Many of the farms discussed are located very near our villa. If you book a stay with us, we highly recommend going to one of the farms. There is nothing better than a delicious piece of cheese and a glass of Vino Nobile!

Here are two pictures from the Cugusi shop in Montepulciano that gets thousands of visitors each year. They are located at Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 7.  As you can see they have a fine selection of cheeses along with other local products such as pici (pasta) that are available.  A trip to the shop or their farm is well worth it.